Bonus Terms & Conditions

Last updated: 16.07.2024

All bonus offers are strictly limited to one per person and their family, home address, email address, IP-address, telephone number, account number, credit or debit card number, e-wallet number, payment system account (Neteller, Skrill, etc.), one electronic device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.).

All players can take advantage of the bonuses, except for the cases when the bonus has country restrictions and the Player is a citizen of one of these countries.

Bonuses are not available to players from the following countries: Bulgaria, Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Spain, Belarus, Ukraine.

However, if you are a citizen of these countries but residing in a non-banned country this will not affect you. We may need to request documents such as Proof of Address to confirm your residency, and any winnings could be potentially void if this cannot be confirmed.

The player is not allowed to abuse the bonus offers. In case of such abuse the Casino has the right to prohibit the Player to receive any bonuses and to cancel any winnings received using bonus funds, both at the moment of wagering and after it.

The Player is not allowed to use any strategies while playing with an active bonus in order to fulfill the requirements to wager the bonus. If the Player uses such strategies, and if the Casino has sufficient grounds to believe that the Player's actions are aimed solely to obtain financial benefits using the bonus advantage, then the Casino reserves the right to cancel all Player's winnings.

Strategies that may be considered as bonus abuse include but are not limited to:

  • Switching between games with varying contribution rates: Rapidly changing between games that have different contribution rates to the wagering requirement, especially favoring games with a higher contribution rate only when needed.
  • Utilizing low-risk betting systems: Using betting systems such as Martingale, D'Alembert, or any other strategy that minimizes risk and guarantees minimal losses, effectively manipulating the wagering requirements.
  • Reducing the stake size of more than 80% after a large winning bet with aim of completing wagering with minimal risk.
  • Betting on both outcomes in games with multiple betting options: Placing bets on both sides of a game where two outcomes are possible (e.g., red and black in Roulette) to ensure low-risk completion of wagering requirements.
  • Exploiting game features to hedge bets: Using in-game features like double-up options after a win to maximize gains from a win and then betting minimally to fulfill the wagering requirements.
  • Maximizing bets on high RTP (Return to Player) games: Consistently betting large amounts on games with a high RTP, which statistically lowers the casino's edge, in order to maximize the chances of winning while fulfilling the wagering requirements.
  • Manipulating bonus rounds and free spins: Intentionally seeking out and using bonus rounds or free spins in specific games to increase winnings without significantly impacting the wagering requirements.
  • Betting patterns that mimic software or system play: Displaying betting behaviors that closely resemble automated or system-based play, where the player consistently follows a specific algorithm or pattern that suggests non-random, strategic behavior aimed at maximizing bonus advantage.

All the bonuses are added according to the UTC time zone.

All bonuses have a minimum deposit requirement for obtaining the bonus, limitation of the maximum possible bonus amount, wagering terms, limitation of the maximum amount of bets while wagering, time limitation of bonus life, unless otherwise indicated.

Unless otherwise specified in the individual Promotion Terms and Conditions, all bonuses, free spins and any winnings attached to either where wagering requirements have not yet been met, must be wagered 40 times the bonus amount/free spins winnings amount, and are only valid for a maximum of 7 days from the moment the funds are credited to the account balance.

Please note that not all games contribute equally toward wagering the bonus. While 100% of the bet amount is counted when playing slots (with some exceptions), the contribution rates for other games are as follows:

  • Slots: 100% (except for specific slots listed separately)
  • Roulette games: 25%
  • Card games: 10%
  • Other games: 0%

Please note that not all games are available for play whilst a bonus is active. A full list of these games can be found onForbidden Bonus Games

Unless otherwise specified in the individual Promotion Terms and Conditions, the maximum bet allowed to be placed whilst a bonus is in its active wagering requirement phase is 5 USD/EUR/CHF/USDT/USDC, 8 AUD/CAD/NZD, 50 NOK, 100 ZAR, 500 RUB, 2500 KZT, 65000 UZS. This includes any bet placed whilst the bonus wagering conditions have not yet been completed, and applies to all free bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins winnings and loyalty scheme bonuses. The maximum bet allowed whilst wagering towards an active bonus with cryptocurrency will be the equivalent of 5 USD at the exchange rate average on the day of the bets. Maximum bet limit includes bet doubling after a game round has been completed as well as bonus rounds (purchased within the game).

Failure to follow this condition may result in forfeiting the bonus and any winnings accumulated from the moment the bonus was activated.

The winnings obtained by using bonuses become available for withdrawal only after meeting the requirements of all wagering rules.

This means that you cannot request your withdrawal until wagering requirements are fully fulfilled.

At the end of the bonus period, if the bonus remains valid and the conditions of wagering are not met, all bonus money and winnings are void.

A player can request a withdrawal of their deposit before meeting the requirements for bonus wagering. In this case, the amount of the bonus and any attached winnings are void, and the remaining funds, if any, are paid to the player.

A player has the right to cancel any bonuses without proceeding to their wagering, without any loss of their own funds.

Bonuses are automatically cancelled upon active balance reaching the amount of 0.05 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF/ZAR/RUB/KZT/USDT/USDC; 0.000001 BTC; or less. This term only applies to balance tied to a bonus, i.e. deposit + bonus, or a bonus only (in case of a no deposit bonus), and doesn't apply to funds on a player's balance gained from other deposits or bonuses.

Only one bonus can be activated at a time. The deposit bonuses cannot be combined.

A player has the right to refuse bonuses from the Casino

Delaying any game round in any game, including free spins features and bonus features, to a later time when you have no more wagering requirement and/or performing new deposit(s) while having free spins features or bonus features still available in a game is prohibited and may lead to winnings being voided upon review.

When gambling with bonus funds, all the winnings requested for withdrawal pass a check prior to payment processing. The Casino reserves the right to request the user to confirm personal data and payment method data as a result of the check.

Unless specified otherwise in the individual Promotion Terms and Conditions, any bonus winnings ***from any deposit bonus offer*** will be capped to a maximum of 5000 USD/EUR/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF/USDT/USDC, 50000 NOK, 100000 ZAR, 500000 RUB, 2500000 KZT, 65000000 UZS. Other cryptocurrencies maximums will be based on the current exchange rate to EUR at the time of cashout processing. Any winnings over this amount may be forfeited (inclusive of any amount generated through subsequent play with the redeemed bonus winnings).

The use of bonus funds purely to progress through the bonus stages is prohibited, particularly in the cases when bonus or cash funds are used purely to progress through the bonus stages (e.g. collecting 9 out of 10 coins to reach the bonus feature), and then final stages (e.g. playing to collect the final coin to reach 10 out of 10 and the bonus feature) are completed with cash bets when bonus funds have been forfeited, lost or wagering has been met, and converted to cash. All the winnings gained during that play may be considered void.

The Casino has the right to revoke any bonuses and winnings, as well as to confiscate all the money in the account if it has been obtained dishonestly or in violation of these rules.


Currency Conversions for promotion and bonus offers.

Base currency used is EUR, which will use the following conversions for FIAT currencies:

Base / Conversion


1 EUR = 10 NOK

1 EUR = 20 ZAR

1 EUR = 100 RUB

1 EUR = 500 KZT

1 EUR = 13000 UZS

Cryptocurrencies minimum and maximum will be reflected up to the maximum in EUR at the exchange rate.

Redeemable Comp points

For every 20 euros real money bets made you earn 1 redeemable and 1 status point as per following contribution (Slots: 100%, Roulette: 25%, Blackjack/Baccarat 10%). Having at least 500 points you can exchange these points for a 10 euro bonus. Having a higher vip level provides you with more profitable exchange rates. Slotsion 777 - 500 points = 10 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF, 100 NOK, 860 RUB, 170 ZAR, 5,000 KZT, 0.00026000 BTC, 10 USDT. Bacaraton - 2.000 points = 50 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF, 500 NOK, 4,300 RUB, 860 ZAR, 25,000 KZT, 0.00130000 BTC, 50 USDT. Rings of BlackJack 21 - 4.000 points = 150 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF, 1,500 NOK, 13,000 RUB, 2,500 ZAR, 75,000 KZT, 0.003900 BTC, 150 USDT. Jackpothus - 10.000 points = 500 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF, 5,000 NOK, 43,000 RUB, 8,600 ZAR, 250,000 KZT, 0.001300 BTC, 500 USDT. Astrospin - 30.000 points = 2.000 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF, 20,000 NOK, 172,000 RUB, 34,000 ZAR, 1,000,000 KZT, 0.05200 BTC, 2,000 USDT. Roulettopia 36 - 50.000 points = 4.000 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF, 40,000 NOK, 345,000 RUB, 69,000 ZAR, 2,000,000 KZT, 0.1000 BTC, 4,000 USDT. Cash Vegaston - 100.000 points = 10.000 EUR/USD/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF, 100,000 NOK, 862,000 RUB, 172,000 ZAR, 5,000,000 KZT, 0.2600 BTC, 10,000 USDT.

For example, if you are Bacaraton level you can A) either convert multiple times 500 points in 10€ every time - B) save points and convert 2000 points in 50€. These bonuses have wager x40.

No Deposit Bonus and No Deposit Free Spin

If you have not already made a deposit with JustCasino before receiving a No Deposit Bonus or No deposit Free Spin bonus, and unless otherwise specified in the individual Promotion Terms and Conditions, any bonus winnings will be capped to a maximum amount of 200 USD/EUR/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF/USDT/USDC, 2000 NOK, 4000 ZAR, 20000 RUB, 100000 KZT, 2600000 UZS. The maximum amount in cryptocurrencies will be based on the current exchange rate to USD at the time of cashout processing. Any winnings over this amount will be forfeited (inclusive of any amount generated through subsequent play with the redeemed bonus winnings).

If you have already made a deposit with JustCasino and unless otherwise specified in the individual Promotion Terms and Conditions, any bonus winnings ***from a no deposit Free Spin bonus (free offer/goodwill gesture/loyalty)*** will be capped to a maximum of 300 USD/EUR/CAD/AUD/NZD/CHF/USDT/USDC, 3000 NOK, 6000 ZAR, 30000 RUB, 150000 KZT, 3900000 UZS The maximum amount in cryptocurrencies will be based on the current exchange rate to USD at the time of cashout processing. Any winnings over this amount will be forfeited (inclusive of any amount generated through subsequent play with the redeemed bonus winnings).

The Casino reserves the right to amend and supplement these terms at any time.

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